I have had quite a few requests on the process involved to create the final artwork for Suicidal Tendencies excellent new album “13”. It was by far the most detailed and time consuming piece i´ve done so far, with Mike Muir (singer Suicidal Tendencies/Infectious Grooves/Cyco Miko) really pushing and supporting me to give the album artwork that it deserved and it was great to give him, and the band, a finished product everyone was real excited about. So, i´ve broken it down into 9 steps to show what was involved and why it was such a large project.

Step 01: The start was painting the skull itself, this was done on the Graphic Tablet ntirely in Photoshop with reference from various skulls.

Step 02: This was probably the simplest part of the whole design, and it was to add the Suicidal tendencies related parts on the skull

Step 03: The part that never seemed to end! Each word was typed seperately and then each line/part was raterized and then warped to bend to the shape of the skull. This proces was done over around 5 days alone. The painted skull was on a lower layer for referance of the skulls shape and contouring.

Step 04: This is the final result of the typography element by itself…

Step 05: Here is where the skull art and the typography were merged together in quite a complicated filtering process. I think there were around 10 or 12 different stages in just this part.

Step 06: The basic bacground which was various brushes, filterings and effect with the brick taken from a Stock Photo site (the only part not created from scratch on this cover).

Step 07:We felt the brick wall needed more depth so it was rendered in 3d to achieve just that. Additional “grunge” effects were added to the background also.

Step 08: The skull was then added to this background and various adjustments in contrast, levels etc were done to make it pop as much as possible without making look too “stuck on”.

Step 09: Final stage here… with the classic logo used once again (credit to Lorenzo on that idea), i rendered it also in 3d and then added the album title in a cool font (Mark Geltch supplied for another design), then just some more filtering ands additional working to get the final cover used in the manufacture of the CD itself.

It was by far the most fun i had on a project, definately the most time spent but the reaction has been really overwhelming and a with the band being so happy… job done!


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